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May 9, 2019

FAA Daylight Waiver Granted and Welcome Home Premiere

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Lots of exciting things going on lately. My FAA daylight waiver just came through last night which means I can now officially fly my drone at night for commercial purposes. The process has gotten way easier now that LAANC is active and providing easy airspace authorizations which previously bogged down the FAA. The process used to be over 6 months but was about two weeks now.

Additionally, Welcome Home, the Amazon Prime Instant Watch tv show I’ve been working on as director of photography for the last two years, is finally going to be premiering at Proctor’s ge theater on May 18th. (Now I just have to get the color grade done by then.)


September 17, 2017

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot’s Certificate

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So for those who don’t know, I recently was given a broken Phantom 3 Pro for free and fixed it up and decided to get my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.  I took the test this morning and passed with a 93.  It was an interesting process since I was the first one taking the test on a new system that PSI had just rolled out.  After helping the proctor figure out how the system works, it ended up only taking about 15 minutes of the two hours allotted to cruise through the 60 questions, even with double checking answers.

The first piece of advice I have for anyone taking it is be sure to note that there is a legend section in the start and then all the “sections” start which are basically just the page numbers for the documents being referenced and start after the legends.  It was easy once I figured out how to use the book itself, but having studied online, the supplemental materials book was actually the most confusing part of the entire test process (including figuring out how the computer testing system worked since the proctor was as new to it as I was.)

I used UAS Ground School with the AMA discount code for training.  It honestly wasn’t really necessary as the test isn’t that hard if you do some basic studying, but I found it was worth it just for the level of detail they went in to and the fact that it helped with understanding things that weren’t directly needed for the test itself, but are still useful tidbits of information to know.  I wouldn’t want to pay the full $200 for the training, but at the discounted rate of $125, it was worth it in my opinion.

Now I just have to wait for the test to show up in ICARA so I can get my certificate processed.  Let me know if you have any aerial photography needs.  For any of my photo/video friends with drones that don’t have their certification yet, I can also act as the remote pilot while you still operate the controls if you have a potential job with your drone, but haven’t had a chance to go through getting your part 107 certification yet.


October 25, 2015

Terra Nova Men’s Retreat 2015 Photos

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So it took a little bit longer than I expected, but the I finished going through the photos from this year’s men’s retreat.  The retreat was September 17-19th at YMCA Camp Gorham.  The retreat was a great time and I came home with around 1200 photos to go through.  Slightly different from previous years, I actually decided to put up two galleries, one with the 5 star, top rated photos and one with the 4 star images that weren’t quite my favorites, but were still better than average.  As with the previous Men’s Retreats, all images are released under a Creative Commons license.  If you want higher quality versions of any of the images, let me know.

2015 Terra Nova Men’s Retreat 5 Star Gallery

2015 Terra Nova Men’s Retreat 4 Star Gallery

Terra Nova Men's Retreat 2015


December 24, 2014

First Home Purchased

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Well, the day is finally here.  We bought our first home today.  We’ll be moving in over the next few days with the majority of the move occurring on Saturday.  Our new address will be 14 Massachusetts Ave, Rensselaer, NY 12144.

It’s been a long road to get here.  We weren’t actually looking for a house all that long.  We started looking shortly before Declan was born and continued a few weeks after when things settled down a bit.  Most properties we saw near work were too in need of repair or too expensive of both and most of the good properties we were seeing were out in Niskayuna, far too far away to have a manageable daily commute.  Finally, we saw a nice little new construction go on the market in Hampton Manner in Rensselaer.  It’s an older development, but our street has lots of remodeled houses and a fair number of lot sub-divisions with new constructions on them.  (Ours is one such sub-divided lot.)

We knew pretty much immediately that it was the right house for us.  It is literally down the street from Red Mill Elementary, which is East Greenbush’s top ranked elementary school.  It had a two car garage, was large enough for our needs, small lot in a quiet neighborhood.  It had decent enough sized bedrooms with large open areas for the main rooms and a gigantic garage that can double as a workshop.  As an added bonus, we have a shed in the back.  So, with our hearts set on buying the property, we began what turned out to be a rather long process.

For the most part things went smoothly, so at the end of November, it looked like we should be good for an early December close date, so we let the apartment complex know we’d be moving out for the new year.  Then we hit the snag on the next to last step of the process.  The mortgage insurance company wanted proof of employment from Danielle.  This should have been a minor issue, but when they sent over the paperwork to Albany Med to get confirmation, it got lost somewhere and they didn’t hear back for over a week.  Nobody bothered letting us know or following up until I started asking about status since we hadn’t heard anything in a while.  They then submitted it again with some facilitation from Danielle and got a response fairly quickly, however Albany Med HR still thought Danielle was on FMLA leave (which she had come back from a week and a half earlier at that point, as had been scheduled on her original FMLA paperwork).  Some quick back and forth was supposed to have worked it out, however HR still had the wrong data the next time they tried a few days later.  Finally the paper work managed to make it through and we got a valid confirmation, but all in all, it took almost 3 weeks just to get that one confirmation done on the next to last step.

Finally, with the last hurdles cleared, we were able to move forward and get a closing date set for Christmas Eve at 9am.  We got there with only a few days left that we could move on to get the closing done and while things mostly went smooth, again there was a big issue (which luckily turned out to be an easy fix).  Our lawyer’s office had given us the wrong name for the cashier’s check to be made out to, so we had to quickly run across the street (thankfully there was an open Trustco across the street) and have them re-cut the check to the correct name.  We also almost forgot to get the keys to the house, but Danielle checked our packet and realized they weren’t there.

It looks like we should make it in time, but it’s certainly a lot more under the wire than we had wanted it to be.  We’ll be moving boxes out of the way over the next few days and then getting a truck to move on Saturday at 9am if anyone wants to help with moving the big stuff.  We’ll also still have some little things that need packing inside that we were living off of.  I’ll try to get some photos posted after the move.


September 10, 2014

I’m pleased to announce…

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Declan James Henderson, born 9/10/2014.  Mommy and baby are great.  Check out his website for pics and more details.


September 8, 2014

Baby On The Way

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So after the latest checkup, they decided that it is now the right time to start the process of inducing labor.  Little baby boy Henderson (initials DJ, though he won’t go by them) will be on his way either late tonight or tomorrow morning.  We’re heading over to the hospital shortly and they are doing prep drugs tonight and then inducing in the morning if things haven’t started going yet.  (He’s over a week late already.)  No super major health concerns, but enough of a minor one that induction was deemed necessary.  Stay tuned for updates and the unveiling of baby Henderson’s own website.  (It’s technically already up now if you really want to try guessing.)


December 16, 2013

Hawaii 2013

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Just finished up our last day in port in Hawaii.  It’s been 5 great days in Hawaii and now we have another 4 days at sea, a day in Ensenada and then back to LA and flying home to Albany on Sunday.  I haven’t had time to go through many of the 2000 or so photos and videos I took while we were here, but here is a gallery of a few of the highlights as they came out of the camera.  I’ll post more edited versions later when I have time and an internet connection that isn’t over my phone.

Pearl Harbor - Arizona Memorial

Picture 1 of 16


October 28, 2013

Matt & Stef’s Wedding

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My cousin Matt and his wife Stef just got married this past weekend.  It was a great time at the Old Daley Inn at Crooked Lake.  Family was in from all over and the wedding had a great movie theme.  Even though I wasn’t the official photographer, I brought a small portion of kit along with me and took some casual shots of the wedding and the family while I was there.  You can see some of the highlights of the shots I got in my gallery here.  Just send me an e-mail if any family want’s prints or touch ups or higher resolution copies of any of them.


October 16, 2013

Cat in a box

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Shadow loves any box she can get in.


July 5, 2013

Birthday and More Photo Investments

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So, hit 29 this year.  For a combined birthday present and business investment I decided the time was finally right to pick up the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II.  As some may be aware, there is currently a $300 off sale going on from Canon that is reflected across all retailers.  In addition, I found it on Buydig with another 5% off (plus 1% from my credit card), free shipping, a free multi-coated Hoya UV filter, a free cleaning kit and free 2 day shipping.  The cleaning kit was kind of a joke and 2 day shipping didn’t matter since it came from NJ and had to wait until I was home to sign for it anyway, but the filter was a nice $60 bonus.

I got it on Friday after my birthday and just before Autotask’s summer engineering picnic.  Wanting to give it a try, I swung by home and picked it up.  It was a great day for really putting the lens through its paces.  It was cloudy with on and off rain leading up to an all on down pour which gave me a chance to try out the weather proofing.  I’m pleased to say it held up very respectably.  I was using the 5D Mark iii with the battery grip on it (which notably does compromise the weather sealing a little bit, but only if water comes up from the bottom of the grip.)  I did finally head for cover when it got to an all out down poor, but through multiple small to moderate rain showers I was able to keep shooting no problem.

The only problem I noticed with the weather sealing (and I’m not sure if it was the weather sealing’s problem or not) was that two minor very small spots of condensation formed under the top LCD panel where I’d been handling it.  It was exceptionally humid though and the rain caused a very rapid temperature change, so I think this may have just been condensation and it evaporated within the hour with no ill effects.  Otherwise, there were no signs of any problems from the rain.  I’ll probably still pick up a rain coat for it for added protection, but it’s nice to know that the weather proofing really does work.  (Plus it’s a bit fun to get weird stares from people wondering why you are shooting with an expensive looking camera in the rain without concern.)

Rain or shine, the focus was fast and very accurate, though I did find the limit of modern AF point selection.  Since I was shooting mostly vollyball from fairly close (mostly individual player shots) and following the ball itself, I had to leave it on full autofocus.  While the reject rate was only about 1 in 3, I was a little disappointed because I normally am aiming for closer to 1 in 5 or so.  That said, I think it was probably an unrealistic expectation for conditions.  Between the net, the ropes holding up the net and other players, there was a lot of movement and shifting the shot very fast and it still held up 2 out of 3 shots focusing on what I intended.  Even on the shots where it didn’t focus on what I wanted, something was in sharp focus.  So the camera doesn’t quite read minds, but it is very fast and accurate.  This was also before I had a chance to micro-adjust the lens.

As far as sharpness goes, I was a little disappointed, though I think this was again a result of unrealistic expectations.  I was comparing it to the results from my 24-70mm f/2.8L II which has got to be just about the sharpest lens on the planet.  While, in my opinion, the sharpness of the 70-200 doesn’t even remotely approach the sharpness of the 24-70, it still isn’t anything to complain about.  Reflections are still pretty clearly visible in people’s eyes at portrait distance.  It’s also still easily twice as sharp as my 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS is, and as previously mentioned, the AF is so much faster and tighter.  The full time manual focus, shorter minimum focus distance, fixed lens length and orientation and extra speed round it out to make it quite satisfying even if it isn’t as magic as the 24-70 was.  (f/2.8 across the entire range is a beautiful thing.)

Shot in the Rain

A quick shot while heading for cover when it started to down pour

Motion stopping and great focus.

Motion stopping and great focus.

Since then, I’ve also had a chance to try it out a bit more for indoor work and flash work while doing a bunch of portrait work while my brother-in-law was jamming on his guitar.  They really show the power of f/2.8 and the accuracy of the focus even in fairly dim conditions.

Portrait at 142mm f/7.1

Portrait at 142mm f/7.1

Low Light with Flash, 200mm f/2.8


Depth of Field at 85mm f/2.8

Portrait, 70mm, f/2.8

Looking forward to the first wedding I’ll be shooting with the lens on the 20th.

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